“Creating family traditions and memories that grow the imagination and last a lifetime.”

Our Vision:

We are on a mission to change the world

Our plan is simple.

To revive laughter and giggles. To bring tickle time back. To ooh and ahh at the magical moment when a lollipop sprouts from a jellybean seed. To watch the awe on a child’s face when she sets out cookies for Santa and on Christmas morning, among the presents under the tree, she finds a letter from the great man himself especially written to her. To make G.I.V.E. a four-letter word that means sparkles and smiles. To bridge the gap between the innocence of childhood and the wisdom of adulthood. To inspire the next great artist or give a brilliant scientist his start. To make you want to play – everyday – not just when the homework is done.

Yes. We are bold. We want it all.

But you see, we have a goal.

We want to change the world. By inspiring the creative, the whimsical, the silly. By banishing forever the fear of dreaming big. By reviving your courage to dream. Big, bold, beautiful dreams.

And we believe we can do it all. We will inspire you to play, to dream, to laugh, to create. And together we will inspire the change the world needs – one imagination at a time.


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