Author Review: Jim Richard-“Blue Bink Likes to Think-Colors”

We have another author review we wanted to focus on
from our
OC Book Festival visit.
Again, we met so many great people and such great books they have written.

Today’s Author is Jim Richard!!
Jim wrote the book
“Blue Bink Likes to Think Colors”


This is “Blue Bink”, the character in the book. You can actually purchase a stuffed “Blue Bink” toy to go along with your children’s book.
Here is some information about “Blue Bink Books”
quoted from their site….

Blue Bink Books exists to create children’s books that help kids think, play, imagine and learn.

Kids naturally imitate the characters they see in movies, on television and in books. So we have created four characters who demonstrate admirable qualities worthy of imitation.

Our main character is blue and likes to think, so his name is Bink.
The next is yellow and likes to play so we call her Yay. Rinn is so named because he is red and likes to imagine. The green one who likes to learn is called Gern.

I love the statement from Jim that I feel is very important for us adults to know about our children….
Kids naturally imitate the characters they see in
movies, on television and in books.

They IMITATE!!! Sometimes, as parents we forget they do what we do, not necessarily what we say!! We forget that until they say or do something that cause us to look in the mirror. 🙂

I had such a nice visit with Jim and his family at the OC Book Festival!
My girls love the “Blue Bink Likes to Think Colors” book
and their stuffed Blue Bink.

If you would like to learn more about Jim Richard and Blue Bink
You can find Blue Bink Books on Facebook
or on their website.
This book is great for your children to not just learn their colors, but learn quality traits worthy of imitating.
It’s a very colorful book.
The drawings look as if they are colored with color crayons.
A great find for my children’s library and yours too.
Thank you to Jim for taking time to visit with me at your booth.
I wish I would have taken a picture together with you all.
I didn’t have my camera at the time I stopped by your booth.
I enjoyed meeting you and your family.
You have a great book!
Good luck to you!!