Back 2 School Teacher’s Gift Idea

It’s the season for art supplies, fresh paper, new school clothes, freshly sharpened pencils and brand new backpacks. The excitement of a
BRAND NEW YEAR is in the air!

Everyone gives gifts at the end of the school year to thank the teacher, but why not give your child’s new teacher something exciting on the first day of school?

In today’s post, I have everything you need for a great gift for a teacher.

What better gift for the busy teacher than a set of dry erase markers? A member of my family is a first-grade teacher. You would be surprised at how much money she has to spend out of her own pocket for classroom supplies.

Dry erase markers may seem like a strange gift, but I promise you that they are MUCH needed! You can never have too many because they tend to dry out when you’re writing on the board every day!

This gift is so simple and easy for you!
Go to your nearest office supply store and purchase the dry erase markers. You will also need some ribbon or twine!
I also used a rubber band to keep the markers together. Be creative and use a cellophane bag if you are feeling fancy!


Next it is time to print out the tag! It is waiting for you below.

We have provided a PDF version of the tag pictured!

Just print it out and hole punch it, and you are ready to go!
pdfDownload Pattern


And there you have it! A thoughtful, yet inexpensive gift for the teacher in your child’s life!

Getting a good start off to the year is so important!

Let Back to School be a fun experience and start the school year off with a creative spin!