Book Review: A Valentine’s Day Pick for the Kids

A Sweet Children’s Book Sure to Fill this Valentine’s Day with Love


You’re Lovable to Me
By: Kat Weh
Illustrations by: Sue Anderson

I was thrilled to run across this inspiring children’s book by Kat Weh. You’re Lovable to Me tells the story of a group of little bunnies who are getting ready for bed after a long day of boisterous childhood fun. They run up to their mother and tell her they are sorry for causing mischief that day. Here was the part that I loved. Without missing a beat, Mama Bunny takes her little ones in her arms and assures them of her unconditional love. “No matter what your feelings are, whatever they may be…I’m your mama. You’re my bunnies. And you’re lovable to me.”

But the love doesn’t end when the little bunnies go to bed. After they are tucked in to sleep, Mama Bunny’s father drops by for a cup of tea. Demonstrating that a parent’s love doesn’t end when you grow up, Papa Bunny reassures her too, that she is his bunny and he will always love her.

I loved this story because not only do our little ones need to be told that they are loved no matter what, but adults need to hear this too. And what better time to be reminded than Valentine’s Day? Beautiful illustrations with an old-fashioned feel by Sue Anderson make this children’s book a treasured keepsake.
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