Book Review: Bats at the Library


I stumbled across Bats at the Library by accident. I was haunting the aisles of my own local library and wasn’t finding anything good in the grownups’ section.

So I headed over to the children’s book section (because children’s books are better anyway). And there, nestled between two other books whose names I have forgotten, Bats at the Library caught my eye.

Written in 2008 and the winner of the Children’s Choice Award in 2010, book-loving bats turn this charming story into a whimsical frolic perfect for the Halloween season. Through the antics of his joyful characters, Brian Lies demonstrates the magic of reading and a book’s ability to transport the reader to another place.
The bats in the story are overjoyed at the chance to spend the night in the library when a window is left open. The author’s whimsical rhymes and gorgeous acrylic illustrations will get little readers excited about the chance to explore the library as they watch the antics of the bats across the pages.

The young bats learn about all the library books they can read and then they play with the overhead projectors, copy machines, and pop-up books. They play throughout the night, only leaving when the librarian arrives in the morning.

A story that illustrates a love of the library and the books within them, the story isn’t scary at all. Instead it is a perfect fall read and will inspire excitement about books and libraries in little readers.

Reading Level: 4-8 years old

Author/Illustrator: Brian Lies

Pick up a book and enjoy your next read!!