Book Review: “The Kissing Hand”

A childhood classic that will warm your heart
Some children’s books never go out of style and The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is one book that has developed into a classic.

I had heard the title going around lately and after hearing it mentioned the fifth or sixth time, I knew I had to see what all the fuss was about. The Kissing Hand was published back in 1993, but has been making a comeback…and for good reason.
The story is perfect for a back-to-school read or simply to snuggle over during family night. It is a great story for those youngsters who might be feeling anxious about the new school year. The Kissing Hand is about Chester, a young raccoon who feels anxious about having to leave his mother on the first day of school. Chester is fearful until his mother shares with him a family secret.

Mother explains that each morning she will kiss the palm of Chester’s hand and all day long he will feel the warmth of her love. The kiss can never be washed off or worn away, so Chester feels encouraged and soothed by the memory of her love.

Though the book is best suited for children of 3-8 years, the story can open up some great family discussions. Simply talking with a child who is anxious about a new school, performing in the school play, or going to a sleepover for the first time is often enough to dissipate the fear. Life is an adventure and as Chester’s mom demonstrates, there is no room for fear when you have the love and support of a family.
Not only is this richly illustrated, sweetly-written story sure to delight your little ones, it just might become one of your favorites too.
Recently, a friend of mine, that has a 3 year old daughter, shared a piece of her art work that demonstrates this amazing story. Her daughter, Adoration made it at Preschool after the teachers shared a reading of “The Kissing Hand” story to help these preschool students with their first day of school.
Here is a picture of Adoration and her preschool artwork she created.

It’s great to take children’s books and make them come to life with a related art project to make with your child. The story has a bigger impact and sticks with them better and creates a loving, creative environment between you and your child.

This book is a great read for any child to be reminded of the love and
encouragement of their mom.
Encouraged to complete their day with confidence.

Have a great week!!!