Homework Chart Printable

Make Homework FUN!!!

Now that school is in full swing, your little one’s are probably bringing home stacks of homework. Kids do better in school when their parents take an active role in their schoolwork. But that doesn’t mean helping with homework means spending hours working at a desk. Parents can help by simply being role models in study and organizations skills. Below are some tips to make homework time less stressful and more rewarding.

  1. Set up a personal, homework friendly area. Make sure your child has everything they need in their study area. It should be comfortable, well lit, but not distracting.
  2. Set a homework schedule. Have a consistent allotted time kids should do their work. Some kids work better right after school, some after dinner. Having a consistent schedule allows kids to predict their day and work more efficiently.
  3. Avoid distractions. Television, phone calls, and music can be distracting while working. If your kids enjoy music during homework, play music with no lyrics, such as instrumental or classic genres.
  4. Help them make a plan. If they have a large chunk of work for the night, help them break their work up into smaller chunks. Plan for breaks in your schedule— 10 to 15 minutes every hour. Breaks will keep them focused and motivated.
  5. Applaud their work. Post their accomplishments somewhere on the wall. If it something they were struggling with and have improved on, make a big deal out of it! Bake them cupcakes, or let them pick what to have for dinner.
  6. Use positive reinforcement. Encourage your kids work by rewarding their accomplishments. If they have trouble sitting and focusing on their homework, give them a sticker when they successfully work for 10 minutes without having to tell them. Once they can successfully do that, increase the time until they can sit and focus for longer periods of time.

Below are some reward charts you can use to make homework time more fun! Use them to track progress or as an inspiration to make your own!


pdfDownload Polkadot Reward Chart

pdfDownload Frog Reward Chart