Kid’s Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Ideas to Keep Kids Inspired

Looking for a way to keep the kids engaged AND learning on a lazy summer afternoon?

Choose from any of our recommended books to create a summer reading program that sends them around the world on the wings of imagination.

From toddler-age pre-readers to independent readers up to 4th grade, kids will discover that they can make new friends, learn about new places, and have an adventure without ever leaving the backyard.
Get kids excited about reading with our list of recommended summer books!

Pre-Readers Suitable for: Toddlers


Dinosaur Zoom!
Written by: Penny Dale

This tale is a favorite with little ones and for good reason. The dinosaurs are in town and they are racing to a birthday party. Filled with dinosaurs and all sorts of vehicles, this book is a feast for the eyes of any pre-reader.

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I Spy on the Farm
Written by: Edward Gibbs

A new addition to the Gibb’s I Spy collection, this tale will quickly engage
pre-readers with its colorful illustrations. Look at the clues through the spy hole and join in with the animals, learning colors and letters.

Not that Tutu!
Written by: Michelle Sinclair Colman
Illustrated by: Hiroe Nakata

Taylor loves her tutu and wants to wear it all the time. To school, in the pool, and everywhere else. A book many parents can relate to, the adorable illustrations are the perfect match for Colman’s rhyming text.

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Monkey Ono
Written by: J.C. Phillips

Try and try again is the message of this humorous tale of a stuffed monkey who wants to go to the beach. When the kids forget to bring him along, Monkey Ono embarks on a hilarious journey to reach his destination.

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Beginning Reader Suitable for: Preschool – First Grade

Grumpy Goat
Written by: Brett Helquist

Grumpy Goat is hungry, cranky, and none of the other animals want to be his friend. But when a special flower captures his attention, his heart begins to change. A charming tale for beginning readers, this story will have them cheering for Grumpy Goat until the end.

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If You want to See a Whale
Written by: Julie Fogliano
Illustrated by: Erin Stead

If you want to see a whale, you will have to keep your eyes on the sea. This beautiful and simple picture book follows a young boy who discovers how to see the elusive but majestic whale. With stunning illustrations, this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite as well as a summer read.

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Isabella: Star of the Story
Written by: Jennifer Fosberry
Illustrated by: Mike Litwin

Isabella is searching for the perfect book. Her explorations take her through the pages of classic children’s book favorites as she imagines herself in the starring role of each beloved tale. Your child will discover the power of reading and take an exciting journey with Isabella through the imagination.

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Rainbow Stew
Written by: Cathryn Falwell

Because we love any book that mixes the imagination into a tasty stew, this book gets our recommendation for summer reading. Simple, with fun rhymes and a charming story of a grandpa who encourages his kids to find something to do even when it rains, this story is sure to capture your imagination in the whimsical tradition of Bug Soup!

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Independent Reader Recommendations Suitable for: First Grade – Fourth Grade

Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever
Written by: Kate DiCamillo
Illustrated by: Alison McGhee

We love everything by Kate DiCamillo and you are sure to fall in love too. Comic illustrations add to the fun of this tale about two friends who are very different, but who still find ways to appreciate each other.

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Dirt on My Shirt
Written by: Jeff Foxworthy
Illustrated by: Steve Bjorkman

Light verse and hilarious illustrations make this book a fantastic collection of humorous poetry just right for independent readers. Of course, we love any book that develops a love of poetry in the young!

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Escape from Silver Street Farm
Written by: Nicola Davies

This easy-to-read mystery is perfect for a summer reading list. Everything is in place for the opening day at Silver Street Farm, until some of the animals go missing. It will take a great deal of sleuthing to track down the escaped turkeys, but Meera, Gemma, and Karl are up for the challenge.

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On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
Written by: Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by: Vladimir Radunsky

Young readers will become fascinated with the life of Einstein as they read this tale of his life and accomplishments. Just like Einstein, your children will become fascinated by the world around them as they discover the transformation a powerful imagination can have on any life.

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A summer reading list that will leave your kids eager for more.
Inspire your pre-to-intermediate readers with books that entertain and inspire. You never forget the books you read as a young child. Make this summer a season of memories.

Bree Howard
Director of Marketing