School of Fish Tag Printable

A Fun Classroom Welcome Gift!
Includes a Free Printable
Teacher gift or student gift

Let’s get kids excited about going back to school! This DIY pencil fishing pole craft is a fun way to make your teacher, or your students feel welcome at the beginning of the school year. It’s such an easy and mess-free project, even your little ones can join in on the crafting!

All you need is 4 materials!

-Prepackaged goldfish crackers
-String or twine
-Hole punch
-Printed out card (see below!)


1. Hole punch a small hole in the goldfish bag, at the very top so it doesn’t open the package.
2. Cut a piece of twine to desired length to resemble a fishing pole.
3. Print out your free printable card! (link shared above)
4. Tie one end of the twine to the goldfish bag and tag, and the other end to the pencil.

And that’s it!!!

If you’re providing it as a gift to the teacher, you could also provide an unopened jumbo box of goldfish for the class! Or even create a class set of goldfish fishing poles! The possibilities are endless!



Student-to-teacher FREE printable

pdfDownload Teacher Pattern

Teacher-to-student FREE printable

pdfDownload Student Pattern