Monster Ring Toss

Need a fun game to entertain at your Monster Mash party? How about a game of Monster Ring Toss? A great way not only to save money, but to recycle as well! Make it even more spooky by putting a glow stick in each bottle and make it a game of glow-in-the-dark Monster Ring Toss. 



  • Recycled clear drinking containers
  • Black and colored permanent Sharpie pens
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Cut circled sponges
  • Assorted size wiggle eyes
  • Aleene’s Tacky ½” Adhesive dots
  • Water and food coloring


ringtoss2 ringtoss4


Before your get started on your Monsters, remove labels and clean and rise your empty drinking containers. If you find that it’s hard to remove some of the tacky glue on your containers, I suggest an old rag and a little Goo Gone to remove the remaining glue from the bottles. Make sure bottles are completely dry before decorating.

Use your imagination when creating your Monster bottles for your Monster Ring Toss game. Use Acrylic paints and a damp circle sponge in different sizes to create your Monster eyes. Let your eyes completely dry. Use a glue dot and attach it to your wiggle eyes. Place wiggle eyes to top of painted circle eyes.

After making your eyes for your Monsters, decorated and detail your Monster bottles using your Sharpie permanent pen markers.

When bottles are completely decorated, fill with water and add a little food coloring to the water. Be sure to tightly close your lid to your bottles.

If you don’t have any swim rings at home, you can easily recycle plastic lids for containers and cut out center of lid to create your ring. I used a couple necklace glow sticks for my rings for the Monster Ring toss game.