Easter Bunny Mask

Here is a last minute kids’ craft for Easter Sunday that is a fun and exciting project for the kiddos when they are done hunting for eggs!



White cardstock paper
Pink cardstock paper
Glue stick
Hole punch


Step one: 
On your white piece of paper draw a mask connected to the Easter bunny ears! Don’t forget to draw the eyes!
Then on your pink piece of paper guesstimate the size to draw a pattern for the inside of your ears.


Step two: 
Cut out your mask and the inside of your bunny ears. Then glue the pink paper on the white paper.
Don’t forget to cut out the eyes on your mask!


Step three: 
On the sides of your mask hole punch two holes on each side. Doing this will let you put a string through it and allow you to tie your mask on instead of having to hold it!

Now your mask is done, go have some fun!!!