Easter Egg Vases

One of my favorite projects to do at this time of year is making these vases to give to friends and family. The decorative eggs also look great placed on your table as part of your table centerpiece. You can also use them as Easter favors for your guests at a special Easter luncheon or dinner. I hope all the kids and adults have as much fun as I have creating these vases.


Supplies Needed:

  • White shelled eggs, cracked with an opening on top
  • Sharp object to crack the top of the egg (I used a sharp pointed knife) (Be careful when using your pointed object)
  • 1″ metal washers
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Creative Supplies:

  • Glitter and Sequins
  • Colorful Tissue Paper
  • Aleene’s Decoupage Glue
  • Sharpie pens
  • Food coloring
  • Acrylic paint or spray paint



Before you decorate your eggs, you will need to crack the top of your egg with a sharp object.
I used a sharp pointed knife to get the crack started. (Be careful doing this).Next, you will have to carefully remove some of the egg shell to create your opening. Pour the egg yolk and whites into a bowl. (Save for scrambled eggs or a wonderful egg brunch dish)
Rinse your egg out with water and set aside to dry for decorating and embellishing.

If you would like your eggs colored, simply spray paint or hand paint with acrylic paint or use food coloring to dye your eggs.
After coloring your egg, simply glue your eggs to a metal washer so that your egg vase will stand upright.
Add a little water and fill your vases with greens and flowers from your yard. There are endless ways to decorate your egg vases!

Here are a few creative suggestions:


Decoupage your eggs using colorful tissue paper or colored napkins.


Decorate your eggs using Sharpie Pens and colorful marking pens.


Be creative by designing your eggs with glue and glitter and embellishing eggs with rhinestone’s and sequins.


Trim your egg shell a little further down to create cute little favor cups.


Here you can see the egg shells decorated in various ways!
There are so many possibilities, even more than I have shared here.
Get creative and come up with your own way to decorate these little eggs.

Hope everyone enjoys creating their very own egg vases just as much as I have over the years.
Happy Egg Decorating!