Garden Hose Wreath

Springtime is here, and we have this fun wreath that would be perfect for your front door, or in your garden!  It would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift, or hostess gift. Plus, it is a great project to do with the kids.

Hose wreth orange full photo 1web

Let’s get started!

Here’s the list of supplies you will need:

  • Small Garden Hose
  • Small metal decorative garden fence
  • Small decorative watering can container
  • Styrofoam for container
  • Silk flowers and greenery
  • Flower seed packets wit floral stick glued to back side of packet
  • Ribbon
  • Small garden tool
  • Zip ties
  • Hot glue gun

TIP:  The watering can, metal fence, seed packets, and garden hose were purchased at the 98 Cent Only stores.  If you have an old garden hose that you’re ready to get rid of, recycle and cut it down to size.

The steps are very simple!

  1. Attach water hose to wired fence with zip ties.
  2. Hot glue Styrofoam into small watering can container and zip tie to hose wreath.
  3. Make a bow and attach to hose wreath above watering can.
  4. Attach garden tool to center of bow so that it hangs in front of watering can.
  5. Arrange flowers, greenery, and seed packets into water can.


Hose wreath orange close up 2Web

Be creative and use other garden accessories to your wreath.

Hose wreath close up 3Web     Hose wreath full photo 4Web

Hose wreath p & y full photo 5Web    Hose wreath p & y close up 6Web

Here are a few more pictures for your inspiration!

Enjoy your Garden Hose Wreath this spring and summer, and don’t forget to get creative!

We hope you enjoy yours as much as we do.