Glow Bugs

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 Hi Friends!

Easter is over, and if you are like us, you have all those colorful plastic eggs lying around. Well today we have an awesome project for you to use up all those eggs and make something special! Make these amazing Glow Bugs for a birthday party favor, craft project, or a yard decoration that will add an enchanting glow to your backyard! We hope you enjoy this easy and fun project as you continue to Play, Create, and Grow! 


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Plastic eggs

Drill and small drill bit

Pipe cleaners

Wire cutters

Wiggle eyes

Aleene’s Tacky Adhesive Dots

Pony Beads (optional)

Battery Operated Tea Light (Purchased at Dollar Tree)



Drill holes into small plastic eggs. Refer to photo for placement.

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Cut and shape pipe cleaners for legs, wings and antennas and place into drilled holes. Bend pipe cleaners inside of egg to help hold in place. Use pony beads (optional) for antenna toppers or add to wings.

Attach Tacky adhesive dots to place wiggle eyes on to eggs.

Place tea light into egg with light source towards back of egg.

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Glow Bugs Close up photo 5Web1


Glow Bugs Group photo 6Web


Don’t forget to use your imagination and let your creativity shine!