Halloween Door Hanger Patterns

pdfHave fun shopping and creating your very own Halloween Door Hanger this weekend.


1. Design your very own door hanger by gluing your Halloween wood shapes to your door hanger.
2. Embellish your wood shapes with wiggle eyes, rhinestones, sequins and other fun embellishments.
3. Design bats by tracing out the bat from the pattern sheet with black craft foam.
4. Glue a 1” black pom pom to the bat and glue on wiggle eyes.
5. Create a spider by making legs with a black pipe cleaner and gluing legs to underside of 1” black pom pom.
6. Glue two wiggle eyes to pom pom.
7. Allow room on the hanger to write your name with Tulip dimensional paint or by gluing craft foam letters to the door hanger.
8. Let dimensional paint dry before hanging.
Download Pattern

Again, make sure you create this your own way. Add what you want to them and create away!

Happy Creating!!