Heart of Gold Gift Tags

Thanks for watching us today on Channel 26 KMPH Great Day with Kim and Kopi!!
We are always very honored and have such a great time with the
“Great Day” Team over at KMPH Cahnnel 26!
We absolutely LOVE spreading Christmas cheer and encouraging others to have those magical giving-hearts-of-gold so The Magical Mailbox/Play.Create.Grow would like to “give” YOU some free printables to print and use during your holiday giving.



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pdf Download Gift Tags


pdfDownload Christmas Tree


pdfDownload Recipe Card

Thanks again for tuning in and watching us on Great Day!!
Enjoy the free printables and our Magical Hot Cocoa Recipe this holiday season!!!
Thanks again to Kim, Kopi and the team at
KMPH Channel 26 Great Day for hosting us on your show!
We appreciate your hospitality and are honored to be a part of you mission to make every day a GREAT DAY!
Merry Christmas
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