How to Make a Miniature Bow and Arrow – A Craft Inspired by the First Thanksgiving

I saw this miniature bow and arrow and was immediately inspired to make a craft inspired by the very first Thanksgiving.

As this season of thankfulness, family-time, and memories rolls around, I am brought back to that first Thanksgiving, when the Pilgrims were rescued from starvation by the American Indians. Because of their generosity, our awesome country was born. Our many freedoms and our limitless potential to realize our dreams began because of that first Thanksgiving.

This holiday season, I am thankful for dreams and the people who help make them come true.


You Will Need:
– a sharp knife
– Popsicle sticks
– Q-tips
– Dental floss

(Adult supervision is required.)


Cut 2 small notches on either end of one popsicle stick. Then soak the stick in a bowl of water for at least an hour, until the wood begins to bend. (Do several at a time because everyone will want to play with these fun little toys.)


Cut a length of floss, wrap it around one end of the popsicle stick, then tie the floss into a knot. Gently bend the stick.

Wrap and tie the other end. The floss should be taut and running the length of the inside of the popsicle stick.


Cut the ends off a number of q-tips. (You’ll want to make a few of these arrows.)

Cut a small notch in the side of the popsicle stick so that the arrow can nestle in it when you are taking aim. Use a fine point pen to decorate the bow.


Take aim! Fire away!

Make this fun little project a Thanksgiving Day craft that the whole family can participate in. A great opportunity to craft and hear the story of Thanksgiving.

(We advise against aiming these at any person or pets. Surprisingly, they can shoot up to 20 feet!)
What are you thankful for?