How to Make a Mother’s Day Card


Moms love cards! Remind Mom of how much you love her by making her a special card this Mother’s Day. We promise she will keep it close by all year long!

Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Look at this Mother’s Day card you can create for your Mom!
This is a quick and easy card that gives more than a card,
it gives your mom the size of your hand for this special time.
She will love it!


All you will need to make a beautiful card for Mother’s Day is:

colored paper
crayons or markers
Let’s get started on how to make this beautiful card!


Draw some pretty shapes like flowers, leaves, and a pot. Trace your hand so that you can use it for a flower stem. Use any colored paper you like! The more colorful, the better!


Once you have cut out all of your shapes, glue them together.
Once you finish gluing your flower pot together, write a note to your mom directly on the bottom of the pot.
Tell her how much you love and appreciate her, thanking her for bringing you into this world;
you wouldn’t be here without her!

We guarantee that she will treasure this Mother’s Day Card for a long, long time. Every time she sees it, she will remember how much you
love her and what a special kid you are.
She will also have your own hand print from the special year!

Play. Create. Grow.

ps…I love you mom!