Kreative Kids: Crayon Drip Pumpkin Part 2



Halloween is fun for many reasons, not the least of which are the decorations. Scary, silly, whatever your style, Halloween decorations make the fun of the season come alive.

This whimsical crayon drip pumpkin is so easy, even the youngest children can participate.

***Note for parents: This is a great activity to do outdoors. The crayon tends to fly everywhere when it warms up. A tarp placed underneath the pumpkin will protect your surfaces as well.
As always, the supply list needed to create this
product can be found here on yesterday’s post.
Go grab all your supplies and let’s get started….

How to Make It:

Start with a clean pumpkin, preferably one with lots of grooves.
Step 1: Warm your hot glue gun.

Step 2: Peel off the wrapping on all of your crayons. Use hot glue to glue your crayons into the groves of your pumpkin. Place as many crayons as you want in a circle around the top of the pumpkin.

Step 3. With the hair dryer on medium heat and medium speed, start warming your crayons. Or you can use a heat tool. The crayons will start melting and the wax will drip down the grooves in the pumpkin.

Extra Tip: Once your wax starts softening, use the end of a spoon to push the point of the crayon into the wax that is flowing underneath. You’ll love what it does for your design!)

There you have it a beautiful, colorful, decorated
pumpkin for this Halloween season.

Thanks for visiting us for another Kreative Kids
weekend craft project.
Hope you enjoyed making your pumpkins!
Happy Halloween!!