Kreative Kids: Leprechaun Catcher


Hello to all our creative friends!
It’s Kreative Kids weekend project time!
That means a whole lot of fun!

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away!
How will you make sure Lucky The Leprechaun knows to stop by your house?!
We have to put some alerts out there to show him that
you are a believer in him and his silly ways!
Don’t worry! We are here to help!!

Lucky LOVES rainbows and the color green is his absolute fav!!
We are making a Leprechaun Alert that has both!
Let me tell you what you will need.



One Paper Towel roll
Craft paint in a rainbow of colors
Paint brush(s)
Hole Punch
Green ribbon or Streamers

At one end of the paper towel roll punch two holes directly across from each another. Then at the opposite end of the roll punch 5-6 holes around the diameter.


Now to the fun part!!!
Start painting your rainbow on the roll. It doesn’t matter how big each color blocks are.
Just remember Lucky’s favorite color is GREEN!
This may need two coats of paint.


Once you are done painting your rainbow alert should look somewhat like this!


At the top where you punched the two holes tie each
end of string through the holes.


Do the same with the ribbon or steamers at the other
end of you Leprechaun Catcher!

Now it’s ready to be hung outside to flag down that little Leprechaun!!

Remember the most important way to get the Leprechaun to show up at your house is TO BELIEVE!
Maybe he will fall into your Lucky trap!


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!
Watch out for those little tricks from Lucky the Leprechaun!
They are fun little surprises but he’s not the one to clean up the mess he makes!

Play. Create. Grow.
Don’t forget it’s National Craft Month for the month of March!!
As promised we are sharing ways for you to get involved by participating in something crafty.
Here is tip #2:

2. Explore your crafting techniques-
Can you draw? Do you sew?
What about painting? Or Knitting?
Use this month and take a class from your local craft store or hobby shop and explore a craft you have always wanted to learn.

Get your crafty supplies and and
create something beautiful!
– See more at: http://www.playcreategrow.com/blog/kreative-kids-leprechaun-catcher#sthash.SqDWHQrd.dpuf