Kreative Kids-Part 2: Christmas Ornament & Free Printable Pattern


What better time of year than the holidays to spend a little time creating together as a family? Before your busy weekend begins, make a few of these Christmas tree ornaments with your little ones. Easy, fun, and whimsical, they are the perfect activity to give your weekend a magical touch and put you in the Christmas spirit!


Step One:
Get your free Christmas ornament printable pattern.

Step Two:
Gather all of your supplies (find the list here).
Cut out Christmas shapes from felt using the designs given.
I’m Making a Christmas Mitten Today!

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Step Three:
You can use glue to join your two mitten halves.
Squeeze out a little glue around the edges of your Christmas shape, then press the two halves together and allow them to dry for awhile.
Make sure to leave a little room open at the top for later!

(If you get your first set glued together right away, they will dry while you cut out and glue other shapes. By the time you have a few started, your first set will be dry

For older crafters, a quick and easy way of joining the two sides is by sewing them with a needle and thread. Easy and fun! I liked the look of stitching it gave to the edges of my mitten! Leave a little gap at the top so that you can stuff your ornament with cotton balls and sew it up later.
Step Four:
What you’ll want to do next is take some fluffy cotton balls and stuff them down into your mitten through the opening you left earlier.
Make sure you fill up the thumb and around the edges and corners of the other designs.
Once your ornament is stuffed, use the glue to close up the hole or sew it shut!
Now It Is Time to Decorate!

Step Five:
Embellish and decorate your little mitten. I found all kinds of goodies to decorate my mitten! Blue rhinestones, a bit of red ribbon, a bright red jewel, and my favorite…a whimsical red button!
Just use a dab of glue to adhere your decorations to the felt. Let your imagination go wild. These are your ornaments and there are no limits to your creativity!
I hung my ornament in the Christmas tree at The Magical Mailbox!

Get your free Christmas Ornament Printable Pattern below!

Download Here
Have a very Merry Christmas with your families and friends!