Recycled Milk Jug Snowman



snowman supplies 

  • Empty milk jug (any size you want)
  • Yarn (or pom-poms)
  • pipe cleaners
  • orange and black construction paper
  • strand of lights
  • scissors
  • zip-tie or sting
  • Tinsel (optional-used to make 2nd snowman’s earmuffs)


1. Cut a small slit in the back of the milk jug. Push the strand of lights inside.


2. Make earmuffs and glue onto snowman (or glue on premade pom-poms). You can make your own earmuffs by winding yarn or tinsel around a small piece of cardboard or coaster. Slip the yarn off the frame, and put a zip-tie tightly around the center. You can also use string to cinch the center of the yarn together. Cut the loops of the yarn. (You may need to trim to make even).

466668        647435


3. To create the headband of the earmuffs, trim the zip-tie and twist the pipe cleaner around the end to create a headband. Glue onto the milk jug.


4. Create the face. Using black construction paper, cut out circles for the eyes and mouth. With orange construction paper, cut out a circle and form into a cone. Glue onto the milk jug.

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5. Display your snowman, and celebrate the holidays! This is what they look like lit up at night. What an adorable winter display.

Merry Christmas!!