Kreative Kids Weekend Project: “I’m Thankful Wreath”


This time of year is an extra special time of year.
It’s the time of year where we just want to let all our
friends and family know what we are thankful for
during this season and all year long.
Here’s a special wreath for this
weekend project that is a great craft you can prepare
and have the kids make it on
Thanksgiving Day or make before and
display on our Thankful Day!

Gather your supplies so we can get started making
our wreath first thing in the morning.
Take a look at the supplies listed below to see if
you have any on hand already.
It’s very likely that you already have the supplies and
won’t have to buy anything. 🙂


Supplies Needed:
1 1” x 12” cardboard circle
10 Paper leaves (Purchase or use free pattern sheet)
Colored construction paper or cardstock (Fall Colors)
8 Medium size silk leaves
15 Small Silk leaves
8 Small pine cones
Twine for hanging and bow
Aleene’s Tacky Glue, Black Marker and Scissors

Those are the supplies you will need to make this
“I’m Thankful Wreath”

See you back here tomorrow!!!

Chef Ping