Lady Bug Candy Dish

The kids will love this candy dish displayed as part of your Valentine’s centerpiece.

In fact, make a couple of them using different size bowls and create a whole family of lady bugs for your table. Great project for the kids to deliver to school for their Valentine’s Party or their party at home. This project can be made for under $5.00.

I found the black bowl and lollipops at the Dollar Tree store. Also a great gift idea for a family member or friend using fresh cut flowers.


Supply List:-Black Ceramic bowl
-Black ¾” Craft foam
-Clear oasis floral tape
-X-acto knife or Scissors
-Drill and drill bit to make holes
-2 – Black pipe cleaners
-2 – 1 ½” black pom poms
-2 – 1” red pom poms
-2 wiggle eyes
-Craft glue
-Lollipops or fresh flowers


Place bowl on top of craft foam and trace your circle. Carefully cut your circle with scissors or a X-acto knife.

With your pencil slightly mark your placement for your lady bug wings and lady bug dots. Use a drill to make your holes for the dots.

Attach your craft foam piece to the top of the bowl using clear oasis tape.

Cut a small slit to the top of your circle and place in two black pipe cleaners. Cut to size. Glue two red pom poms to the tip of the pipe cleaners.

Glue two 1 ½” black pom poms to the front of your lady bug. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Place lollipops into the holes of your lady bug wings.

If using fresh flowers be sure to fill bowl with water.
Cut stems of flowers short and place in holes. Be sure to check out (Floral Archives) to check out the lady bug using beautiful red Gerbera Daisies.


Have an amazing Valentines Day!!