Make A Bunny Family

Here’s How to Create Your Own Bunny Family


What You’ll Need: 

– recycled toilet paper rolls or    paper towel rolls
– acrylic paints
– scrapbook paper or  construction paper
– pom poms & wiggle eyes
– scissors, paint brushes
– Mod Podge or a glue stick
– Bunny Printable (found below)


1. To make your bunny family, you will need two taller rolls and several smaller ones (I used two full-sized toilet paper roll to make Mom and Poppa Bunny; I cut a toilet paper roll in half to make two baby bunnies.)

2. Choose a variety of acrylic craft paints and paint the cardboard rolls. Allow to dry.

3. Cut out the templates from the Bunny Printable. (You’ll find ears, bows, and neckties.)

4. Use scrapbook paper or construction paper to cut out the templates for your bunny ears, bows, and neckties.

5. Adhere bunny parts  to your toilet paper rolls with Mod Podge or a glue stick.

6. Add wiggle eyes, mini pom poms for noses, and paint on eyelashes.

pdfDownload Pattern

Now, Thanks to You, the Easter Bunny has a Family to Help Him Prepare for the Big Day!

What Tasks Will You Have Your Bunny Family Help the Easter Bunny to Do?