Modern Day Message In A Bottle

This do-it-yourself project is a fun way to send a friend or loved one a keepsake filled with notes, pictures, music, and more!

I created this DIY message in a bottle to send with my boyfriend on his trip out-of state. He travels quite often, so I wanted to give him something to remind him of me when we were apart. I included lots of pictures of us that he didn’t already have, a sweet message, fun quotes, bible scriptures, and music that we both enjoyed. I gave him his message in a bottle the day before he left, so he could take it with him on the plane and enjoy it while traveling! He loved it! This DIY project is also fun for friends and family who are traveling, or are far away. Mailing it would make for a fun surprise! -Megan Smith



What you’ll need:

–Glass bottle or jar
Either purchase a small glass jar, or up-cycle a jar you have at home such as an empty baby-food jar or spice jar!
–USB Drive
Use an old USB drive you have lying around the house, or purchase one from a local store (they’re inexpensive)!
Small candies to fill the jar
–Chalk-label sticker

(all items needed are pictured above)

-Place magical memories you want to share on the USB drive and put it in the glass jar. Some ideas are: photos, music, notes, quotes, you could even put videos! The possibilities are endless!
-Fill the glass jar with the recipient’s favorite candy!
-Write the recipient’s name on a chalkboard label sticker and place on the glass jar.
-Give to a friend or loved one to create magical memories!

The look on their face when they get their message in a bottle!