Paper Doily Pumpkin

Today I bring to you a fun and super easy project that is sure to WOW!

All you need is some paper doilies, the free printables, twine, candy and a glue stick. You can also use orange doilies for your pumpkin. Or, use a cute ribbon to “stitch” your pumpkin together instead of glue.

Below are the free printables! ENJOY!

Step 1: Get 2 paper doilies. I bought a pack of 12 for a dollar at the grocery store.


Step 2: Go around the edge doily with a glue stick or mini glue dots so that your doily is sealed all the way around, leaving about 3 inches open on the top.


Step 3: Cut out the stem and leaf pattern found at the top of this page. Glue it to the front of your pumpkin.


Step 4: Cut out the tag pattern, and fill it out on the back to your special friend and hole punch it. Then hole punch the stem and front doily of the pumpkin together.

Step 5: Take some twine and tie a knot in the middle of it.


Step 6: From the back of the front doily, string the 2 end of the string through the front.


*This is what the back should look like.*


*This is what the front should look like*

Step 7: Tie on the twine and tie a beautiful bow.


Step 8: Get candy such as candy corn or any type of packaged candy, so that you may fill your pumpkin. You can also fill your pumpkin with homemade baked goods such as cookies or brownies.


*Notice how the special treat peeks through the lace of the doily… BEAUTIFUL!


pdfDownload Pumpkin Stem pdfDownload Thankful Tag