Paper Heart Valentines

These Valentine’s Day cards are simple, cute, original, and use materials you probably already have at home! This craft can be used as a classroom activity or to make Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s class party!


What you’ll need:
1. Colored Cardstock (Red, Pink, White…Any color you want your card!)
2. Colored tissue or construction paper (different color than the cardstock)
3. Scissors
4. Tape or Glue

What to do:
1. Make a heart stencil. Fold a piece of cardstock or paper in half. Trace a half heart shape onto the paper. Cut out.


2. Make a smaller half-heart stencil. Fold a piece of paper or cardstock in half. Trace a half-heart shape onto the paper. (I re-traced the bigger stencil onto the paper to ensure this heart would be smaller). Cut out.


3. Fold a piece of colored cardstock. Line the edge of your big heart stencil along the folded edge of the cardstock. Trace. Cut out.


4. Fold a piece of thin paper or tissue paper in half. Place the straight edge of the small heart stencil on the folded edge of the tissue paper. Trace. Cut out. Do not unfold.


5. Take the bottom point of the heart and fold it straight up to the indent at the top of the heart.

6. Flip it over. Take the bottom edge of the heart and fold it over to line up with the original crease of the heart.

7. Cut out designs in your heart. Be sure to only cut along the folded edge.

8. Unfold. It should look something like the picture below.

9. Glue or tape your snowflake heart onto the colored cardstock.1389137889
10. Fill out the inside of the card and give to a loved one!