Paper Heart Wreath

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Kreative Kids Weekend! Today I have a super easy and fun project for the kiddos out there! And all it takes is:

-Cardstock (Valentine’s Patterns would be cute! Or solid colors like I did below.)
-Lace ribbon or any type of ribbon

So gather your supplies so we can make a….

4167428_orig 3529980_orig

6363790_orig 1065732_orig

9290203_orig 4410136_orig

The instructions are as easy as the supply list! (visual instructions below)

1. Cut 1 inch strips of the cardstock (Mine was 12×12 paper)
2. Crease the strips down the middle
3. Place tape one of the ends on the outside
4. Fold the ends together to create a heart
5. Repeat until you have all your hearts
6. Arrange all your hearts in the shape of your wreath, so you know where to attach them with tape
7. Go around the circle one by one attaching the hearts to one another with adhesive
8. Tie the lace ribbon to create a hanger

Super Easy! Now you have an amazing Valentine’s Day decoration for your door. You can even go to the dollar store and purchase heart shaped cookie cutters to make a smaller wreath for your kitchen. Your children will love making this project this weekend as they get excited for Cupid’s holiday!