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Patriotic Recipes: Layered Party Drinks & Jello Treats

Here are some more festive recipes to add to your 4th of July gathering!

Layered 4th of July Party Drinks

laeyred drink


*Ocean Spray Cran-Apple juice

*Sobe Pina Colada flavor


(Other drink brands and flavors can be used as long as the heaviest sugar content is put on the bottom, and the lightest sugar containing drink is put on the top)


First, pour in the beverage with the highest sugar content. Fill the cup with ice. Next, take the drink with the second highest sugar content and slowly pour into the cup. Try to pour it on top of an ice cube, not directly into your bottom layer. Lastly, pour in the drink with the least amount of sugar.


4th of July Jello Treats

Dessert Cups and firecracker Jell-o


(This recipe will make 5 parfait cups and 3 glass fire cracker Jell-O cups)

*5- Parfait cups

*3 – 3” x 6” slender glasses

*1- Large box strawberry Jell-O

*1- small box berry blue Jell-O

*1-16oz. container of Sour Cream

*1-8 oz. package Cream Cheese

*1 – Small package Blue Berries



Make strawberry Jell-O as directed on box.

Pour a layer into your Parfait cups and glasses. Let set in refrigerator

With a hand mixer, beat sour cream and cream cheese. You can also add a little sugar for sweetening.

Layer cream cheese mixture into your strawberry parfait cups, and glasses. Let set in refrigerator.

Make berry blue Jell-O as directed on box.

Let Jell-O cool, and pour into your tall glasses. Let set in refrigerator.

Place fresh blue berries on top of you’re your Jell-O parfait cups. Add a piece of spaghetti licorice to your glasses to make it look like the wick of a firecracker.