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Red, White, and Burlap 4th of July Serving Set

Red White Blue photo 1 group

Create these one of a kind party serving containers using existing items you have in your cupboards and recycled everyday, empty containers.

Easy to create and fun to do! Your party guests will be impressed when they find out these serving utensil containers are homemade. Create them to use for everyday BBQ gatherings.


Household supplies:

Round cake pans

Small loaf pan

Recycled coffee container (cleaned and dried)

Recycled vegetable cans (cleaned and dried)

Recycled empty salt container

Other Supplies needed:

Burlap fabric

Burlap ribbons



Aleene’s spray adhesive

Aleene’s tacky Glue

Painter’s tape

Burlap wired rope trim


red white blue photo 2 recycled supplies        red white blue photo 2 supplies


Plate holder and salt and pepper holder (cake pan and loaf pan)

Wrap burlap around pans to measure the amount needed to cut for pans. Cut burlap to fit around pans leaving ¼” more in height. Remove a few burlap strings from one side of your burlap. Wrap around pans and glue the ends together. Wrap bottom of pans with ribbon and glue together. Wrap twine around top of pans and make a bow.

red white blue photo 3 cake pan and loaf pan


Silverware holder (recycled vegetable cans)

Wrap designed burlap fabric around tin cans and glue together. Wrap twine around top of pans and make a bow.

red white blue photo 4 silverware holder

Wine/Soda Cooler (Recycled coffee can)

Measure and cut burlap fabric to fit around coffee can. Remove a few strings to top and bottom of burlap fabric. Spray adhesive glue to can and wrap burlap around the can to hold in place. Wrap decorative burlap ribbon around the can and glue in place. Tie jute to the top of the can and tie a bow. Add a metal or wooden star to tied bow.

red white blue photo 5 wine cooler

Napkin holder (Recycled salt container)

Place painter’s tape to salt container to create a reference for trimming. Carefully trim around painters tape with Xacto knife to create an opening.

Wrap with burlap fabric and trim with ribbons.

Make a couple of holes on the top of the container and glue in a piece of burlap wired rope trim to create a wick.

red white blue photo 6 salt container with tape

finished napkin holder

The finished set

red white blue photo 8 completed photo

Here is one more creation using a beverage container

red white blue photo 9 Beverage container

Add burlap fabric and ribbons to cover your beverage container. Cut out stars and spray adhesive to place burlap stars on the container. Use ribbons to make a bow and a chalkboard sign to let your guests know what beverage you’re serving.

Enjoy, and have yourself a wonderful party.


 Designed by Doug Alves

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