Solar Tulip Pots

solar photo 2 intro



Hello friends!

Today we have an amazing project that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Solar lights are a fun way to bring a little whimsy to your front and backyard, plus, they add that beautiful glow to light up the night. These Solar Tulip Pots are not only great for Mother’s Day, but they would also be beautiful centerpieces for a luncheon or evening party. Kids can use them as a light source in their rooms or you can make them into a bouquet for a loved one or as hostess gift!


Tulip Solar Lights (Purchased from the Dollar Tree Store)

Flower pot



Floral Stick-um or Hot Glue

Mini garden figurines


solar photo 1 supplies



1. Trim Styrofoam and place in flower pot using floral stick –um or hot glue.

solar photo 3 Styrofoam

2. Place 3 solar tulip lights into pot. Add moss to top of pot.

solar photo 4 styrofoam with tulips

3. Place your favorite garden figurine on top of pot between tulip stems.

solar photo 5 tulips with gnomes solar photo 6 close up gnome

4. Place your potted tulips in sun to activate solar.

solar photo 7 tulips lighted


Place on your outdoor table for all to enjoy!

solar photo 9 tulips in yellow pot      solar photo 8 gnome on table


Or make a Solar Tulip Bouquet! Flowers are great, but these will never die!

solar photo 10 bouquet

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


*designed by Doug Alves