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Stars & Stripes Vintage Mason Jars

vintage jar photo 1 jars with silverware

Create this set of stars and stripes vintage mason jars. A set, when put together, creates an American flag. Use your flag mason jars to place your silverware in at your next holiday BBQ gathering. You can also use them to hold candles or flowers to create a festive centerpiece.


3 Pint-size mason jars

Acrylic paint – red, white and blue (I used spray paint for the jars and white acrylic paint for the stars)

Paint brush – (if using acrylic paint)

Painters tape

Star shaped sponge

Small sharp knife or X-Acto knife


Directions: Striped Jars

Spray paint 2 jars white and let jars dry completely.

Apply painters tape to create your stripes on the jars. Make sure the edges of the tape are completely sealed to jar. This will prevent the red paint from spreading into the white area of the jar.

Carefully spray paint jars using your red spray paint. Let paint completely dry, and then carefully remove tape from jar.

vintage jar photo 2 taped jar


Directions: Star jar

Spray paint 1 jar with blue spray paint and let dry completely.

Cut a star-shaped design from a thin sponge. Using white paint, use the star sponge to create stars on your blue spray painted jar. Let paint dry.

vintage jar photo 3 jar with paint and sponge

vintage jar photo 4 star jar


After jars are completely dry, carefully take a small sharp knife or X-Acto knife and scrape paint away from jar to give the jar a vintage look.

vintage jar photo 5 stripped jar with forks



Designed by Doug Alves

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