Valentine’s Day Wreath

Today I am going to show you how to make this Valentines wreath.
It’s quick, easy and inexpensive.

Let’s get started. Here are the supplies you will need to make it.


1 – 12” Heart garland wreath (Purchased at Dollar Tree Store)
9 red pipe cleaners cut in half
5 yards polymesh ribbon (1 role makes 2 wreaths)
4 yards #40 Valentine’s ribbon
Heart Tinsel Garland

1. Cut pipe cleaners in half. Tie and twist 2 pieces each evenly around tinsel wreath for a tight hold. One pipe cleaner tied to the outer side of wreath and one tied to the inner side of your wreath. Start with placing your pipe cleaners to the center top of your heart wreath and to the bottom center of the pointed part of your heart wreath. Place other pipe cleaners evenly to the sides of your heart wreath.


Start at the center of your heart wreath and tightly attach your polymesh ribbon to the outer part of your pipe cleaner. Continue attaching your polymesh ribbon around the outer part of your tinsel heart wreath. Be sure to make the top two bunches of your heart wreath a larger size than the bottom two bunches. Without cutting your polymesh ribbon, continue your loops and ties to the inside of the wreath using your inside pipe cleaners. Trim off excess ribbon.


Start at the top of your wreath and attach your Valentines #40 size ribbon with the outer part pipe cleaner. Continue making your ribbon loops around one side of your wreath. Leave extra ribbon hanging, and then cut your ribbon. Repeat this step to the other side of your wreath. If you do not have enough pipe cleaner length to attach the bottom or top of your ribbon use another long piece of pipe cleaner to attach your ribbon.

Start at the top of your wreath and attach your heart tinsel garland to the top of your ribbon. Continue attaching tinsel garland around your heart wreath.
Tie and twist another pipe cleaner to the center of your heart wreath and make a loop for hanging. I used a small length of red ribbon and tied it to the center of the heart to hang.


Creative suggestions:

Add flowers or more decorative hearts in creating and designing your wreath.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Valentines Day wreath!
It’s super easy to decorate for Valentines Day. You can even keep out some of the non-Christmas red items to re-use for Valentines Day!