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Marshmallow Rockets & Marshmallow Rocket Game

rocket photo 1 intro

Want to have a little fun this 4th of July holiday? Here are a couple of simple, easy, and fun projects to keep the kids busy this 4th of July. The kids will have a great time creating these simple and inexpensive marshmallow rockets. The kids can also create a fun game using recycled cans they can shoot their marshmallows in to accumulate points, and win the game!


Marshmallow Rockets Supplies:

Heavy-duty plastic solo cups




rocket photo 2 supplies


Marshmallow Rocket Instructions:

Tie balloon into a knot and cut a small slit at end of balloon.

rocket photo 3 knotted balloon with slit

Carefully stretch balloon over the lip of the cup leaving the knot on the outside. You will need both hands to stretch balloon over the lip of the cup.

rocket photo 4 hands 1

rocket photo 5 hands 2

rocket photo 6 strectched over cup

Carefully cut your cup 3” down from lip of cup

rocket photo 7 cut cup

Place marshmallow inside cup on top of the inside knotted opening. With one hand, hold rocket cup firmly. With the other hand, stretch your balloon knot back and let go to shoot your marshmallow from your rocket.

rocket photo 8 marshmellow in cup         rocket photo 9 hold cup

Marshmallow Game

game photo 1 intro

Marshmallow Game Supplies:

Acrylic paint or spray paint (red, white and blue) (I used spray paint)

Acrylic patio paints and paint brush

Felt sticky stars

game photo 2 supplies

Spray paint recycled cans with red, white and blue paint. Let paint dry.

game photo 3 painted cans

Apply felt sticky stars to cans to determine a point system. You can also cut out stars from a sponge and paint them on to your cans. Decorating with Magic Markers would be fun to do use as well.

game photo 4 stars

You are now ready to use your marshmallow rockets with your new game you just created. Shoot the marshmallows into the cans to score points! A can with one start is one point, a can with three stars is three points! For another game idea, stack your cans, get a ball, and play lawn bowling.

game photo 5 bowling



Have fun and happy 4th of July!


 Designed by Doug Alves

*Tune in to Great Day KMPH Fox 26 on June 29th, 2015 to see these wonderful projects!*