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Spooktacular Bookmarks!

With school starting, your children are probably little reading machines, which means they probably need book marks! These are fun, inexpensive and can double as a puppet.

spook 1


-Various colors of construction paper or card stock.
-For Cat you will need black and white
-For Froggy green and red
-Tape or Glue Dots or a Glue Stick

See! Easy. Peasy.

Folding Instructions: 


floding - Copy

floding - Copy - Copy

floding - Copy - Copy - Copy

1. Start with a 6×6 square piece of paper
2. Fold into triangle
3. Fold left corner to center point
4. Fold right corner to center point
5. Open up into a triangle again
6. Fold one flap of center point to bottom
7. Re-fold left corner toward the center point and tuck it into the pocket
8. Repeat with right corner


Next, decorate you’re spooky bookmark with eyes by cutting circles and coloring with a black marker. You can even decorate with wiggle eyes, glitter and feathers. The sky is the limit! Remember to use contrasting color squares for the mouth of your bookmark!



spook 10