Soaring, Adventures of an Aerial Applicator

This exciting children’s book is brand new from Bethany Morton-Gannaway and is sure to inspire the next generation of Soaring Superheroes.

A children’s book brought to you by Bethany Morton-Gannaway, the daughter of a lifelong aerial applicator and a firm believer in the importance of aerial application to our nation’s future. In whimsical, easy-to-read rhyme, Soaring tells the story of a young boy and his dream to save the world. When he takes a ride in a yellow Air Tractor airplane, he realizes that he can cross all his dreams off his list by becoming an aerial applicator. He will soar the skies to protect our precious food supplies, clean the oceans from oil spills, and fight forest fires. Beautifully illustrated, this 48 page, full color children’s book is bound in hardcover with a dust jacket to preserve it for generations to come.

This charming, yet educational story will be sure to inspire your future aerial applicators and help them become advocates for the industry that saves the world everyday.

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Soaring, Adventures of an Aerial Applicator
Written by: Bethany Morton-Gannaway
Published by: Play.Create.Grow
Available in: Hardcover

Soaring, Adventures of an Aerial Applicator


Book Proudly Made in America

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