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7730036Our offices at Play. Create. Grow. can be described in one word—AWESOME. We try to keep the environment fun, peaceful, organized and most of all, creative. When we envisioned this business, Bethany had one request: that the offices include an entire wall of dry-erase boards that stretched from floor to ceiling. On these boards, dreams were to be created, ideas were to be birthed, and vision was to be cast. Everyday is a good day in the office, but when Bethany takes her bucket of markers and starts brainstorming on the “Dream Wall”, the day becomes a GREAT one. We share this story for a purpose. One day, after writing, scratching, drawing, and doodling on the Dream Wall, we stood back to realize that what we had just written on the wall was the heart, vision, soul and purpose of our company, what it stands for and desires to accomplish.

On the giant board three words were written:


We realized that our passion to renew people’s imagination surpassed the boundaries of the United States. We have a passion to help those in developing countries, especially Africa. Our hearts have led us to help the “Kimbilio Girls Home” in Tanzania, Africa. Kimbilio means ‘refuge’ in Swahili. Together, we provide exactly this for the young women and girls in Tanzania. We can provide them a place of refuge, restoration, and a place to dream! The devastating statistics of hunger and extreme poverty in these nations need to be changed. If we can make that difference and save even just one individual’s life,then creating a business like Play. Create. Grow. is completely worth the effort.


That day in the office, we realized that part of our vision was not only to inspire people to dream, but to REVIVE their dreams. Providing basic materials such as food, water, and safe homes, gives people anew freedom to dream a dream they may never have thought possible. They might see hope and believe in miracles if we could but turn their impossible into the possible. We believe that God has set this task before us and we take on that responsibility to fulfill that vision. It occurred to us that our customers might like to get involved. After careful thought, we designed an opportunity for our friends around the world to revive a dream for a person in need.

Our goal is to help build the Kimbilio Girls Home in Tanzania, Africa.

You can be part of that. You will not only provide for them, but will also revive the dreams in their hearts that may have been crushed by circumstance. We are dedicated to reaching this goal. We hope that you will join us as we strive to change the lives of many. Together, we will unearth the dreams that have been buried and revive hidden hopes.Thank you for taking the time to read our Revive a Dream  vision. We look forward to uniting as one. Together we will make a difference—one village, one person, one dream at a time.


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