The Owners

Bethany Morton-Gannaway

Co-Owner/Art Director

Holding a B.A. in English from California State University of Fresno, Bethany has always been a storyteller. As much as she loved telling stories of far-away places and turning out a whimsical rhyme or two whenever she could, it was only natural that she would one day be a part of the creation of children’s literature herself. There came a day when she met and fell in love with her biggest supporter and best friend, Josh. When they married, her dreams came true and she thought, How could life be any more magical? Soon however, new dreams began to emerge. Her first children’s book, Bug Soup, was published and her journey into this magical land began to reveal itself little by little. One dream Bethany had for many years was to own a business with her mom and best friend, Bernadette. One day, they sat down with a Starbucks in hand and dreamed a BIG dream about their business. One year later, that first book made its way into the hands of a beaming child and Bethany knew – This was it. Bethany loves God with all her heart. She knows He is the reason her dreams have become possible. She refers to herself as a lover of Jesus, books, family, traveling, and absolutely anything with rhinestones.

Bernadette Morton

Co-Owner/Financial Director

A successful business owner for over 18 years with her husband, Kevin, Bernadette has learned the value of serving people and the importance of running a business of excellence. Her most valued and cherished experience is being a mother to her daughter Bethany, and son-in-law, Josh. She has a desire to bring her business expertise and love of family together in a way that creates something special. Bernadette believes one of the most gratifying things in life is to create a way for others to fulfill their dreams and see them come to life. Being a big dreamer herself, she knows God has something great in store for Play.Create.Grow.® She is dedicated to promoting the business as a fun-inspiring, family-oriented company.


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