Airplane Planter Stake, Napkin Ring, and Crazy Straw

Since we are talking about ag education this week, we just had to bring our projects “back to the garden.” After all, that’s where our food begins.
This kid-friendly gardening project will get those little ones excited about learning, planting, and growing.

To get started, print out the free airplane pattern located at the bottom of this page.

What You’ll Need:

  • Plane pattern (found at the bottom of this page)
  • Crayons or colored markers
  • Wooden skewers
  • Scissors
  • Small pin (to make hole)
  • Thin wire
  • Tacky Glue
  • Laminate (optional)

Let’s Get Started:

1. Print out the large plane and clouds pattern sheet.

2. Color the plane and clouds with crayons or colored markers.

3. Laminate the patterns (Laminating is optional).

4. Carefully cut out the planes and clouds. Poke a small hole on the top and bottom of your plane using a small pin. (Look at the first picture above to see where I put the holes.)

5. Make small holes in your clouds as well. String wire through the clouds to hold them in place. (The first picture above will show you where to put the holes and wire.)

6. Thread the wire with the clouds attached through the holes in your plane. Glue a wooden skewer to the back side of your plane and let it dry.

7. Place your planter stake next to your crop of veggies and herbs.

8. To help you identify your crop later on, use a sharpie marker to write the name of your crop on one of the clouds like I did below. (You can make an airplane planter stake for every veggie or herb that you grow.)


Guess What Else You Can Do with These Airplanes!

If you’re having a party, create straw holders and
napkin rings using the small airplane pattern included below.

For the Straw Holder:

Take a pipe cleaner and cut it into three equal pieces. Wrap pipe cleaner around the straw to hold it in place. Glue the airplane and clouds to the ends of your pipe cleaner.

9086484_orig 8806190_orig 412816_orig

To make the Napkin Rings:

Cut out a small, rectangular piece of craft foam. Wrap the craft foam around a napkin to create the ring.

Glue the ends together.

Glue the plane and clouds to the top of the craft foam napkin ring. (See how I did this in the picture below.)

Under side of Napkin Ring
Completed Napkin Ring

I hope you enjoy making your own airplane plant stakes, crazy airplane straw, and airplane napkin ring.

Have fun and don’t forget to use your imagination with all your creations.

We would love to see your gardens too!

Send your pictures to our team via email or upload your photos to our Facebook page so that we can share your creativity with others.

Happy Planting!