Cupcake Liner & Toilet Paper Roll Owl

Are you ready to get started on making our
Cupcake Liner, Toilet Paper Roll
Oscar the Owl?
Here he is…..so lets make another one for him to have a friend.

owl 1


Supply List:

-Cupcake liners (any color you like)
-Black marker
-Colored cardstock to match the cupcake papers
-Black cardstock for eye centers
-White cardstock for eye whites
-Orange cardstock for beak

supplies  2

Supplies to make the owl’s body/pillowbox:

-Toilet paper roll
-Mason jar lid ring
-Self healing mat (optional)

We start by making the owl’s body with the toilet paper roll

owl 2

Instead of folding in both ends, you can just cut one end off.

Only about one inch. Just eyeball the amount, no need to measure.

owl 3

Cut approximately 3-4 cupcake liners in half.

You may use more, however, for Oscar, I only used 3 liners.

owl 4

Using the glue, adhere one half of the cupcake liner to the “back” of the pillowbox to create the wings in the front.

Be sure you glue the liner on upside down so when you turn it over, you will see the color of the liner.

owl 5

Glue the second layer of the wing overlapping the first wing.

Be sure they are even when viewed from the front.

owl 6

From the front you see the color of cupcake liner, and if the wings are even or not.

No worries though, no wing is perfect.

owl 7

This is when your little owl will start coming to life.

Take one half of cupcake liner and starting at the bottom, add your first layer of feathers.

owl 8

Continuing to add the other feather layers overlapping each other.
I added 4 layers on this particular owl.

owl 9

I used these paper punches for the layered owl eyes.

I did not list these in the supply list, simply because they are completely optional.
If I did not already have these on hand, I would have just simply used scissors and cut my own circle shape.


Owl eyes:

-For the large yellow circle, I used the 1 3/4″ paper punch.
-The white circle, I used the 1 1/2″ paper punch.
-The smallest black circle, I used the 1″ paper punch. Then I used scissors to cut out the tiny triangle. Then the black marker to add the dots for personality.


owl 10

Glue the circle layers together. Then glue layered eyes to the owl body slightly overlapping the edges in the center.
Make sure to leave the tips of the pillow box exposed for the ears.
Cut a small triangle from the orange card stock for the beak.

owl 11

Just think how cute he would be in other colors…purple, black, white, pink, even printed cupcake liners would be so cute!


As I was making this little owl, I was thinking of some creative uses for him:

*Make a branch centerpiece, place the owls on the end of the branches.
*add him to each place setting on top of the plate.
*Don’t cut the 1 inch off the bottom and make a pillow box
on both ends and you can fill with candy.
*Leave the top open and use for a napkin holder.
*Classroom treats for the fall harvest party.

Our little Oscar has a lot of uses.
Be creative and think of other ways to use him.
He’s a HOOT!!

Happy Creating!!!