Dinosaur Backpack Pull Tag with Printable Pattern Sheet


presents 3 of 4 in the series of
Dinosaur Projects
The Dinosaur Backpack Pull Tag
including a free pattern sheet.

Today’s project are matching dinosaur backpack pull tags that coordinate
with yesterday’s post on the Dinosaur Water Color Shirt.


These little Dino’s are not only cute, they are functional as well. There are so many backpacks out in stores, you would think that mom’s would not possibly be able purchase a backpack that is the same as other children, but there are always one or two that are exactly the same!!
These little Dino’s will be sure they come home with you and not another family at school. 🙂
Let’s get started creating the cute little Dino dudes.

Dinosaur Backpack Pull Tag

Green Dinosaur:
1 – 2” green pom pom
1 – 1 ½” green pom pom
2 – 1” green pom pom
2 – ½” green pom pom
2 – ¼” green pom pom
Green Craft foam/Heavy Green Card Stock
1 – Wiggle eye
1 – Hoop ring
Scissors, Tacky Glue, Black Fine Point Sharpie
Pattern Sheet from Play.Create.Grow (download shared below)

Trace Dinosaur head and feet patterns to green craft foam with black marking pen.
Cut out design from craft foam.
Detail design with your black marking pen and glue on wiggle eye.
Glue green pom poms together staring with your 2” pom pom and ending with your ¼” green pom poms.
Let glue dry.
Separate your 2” pom pom in the front of your pom pom and glue in your dinosaur head.
Carefully score the center top of your dinosaur feet and fold in half. (Parents you might want to assist with this since an Exacto knife is sharp)
No need to score if using card stock. Just fold in half.
Separate your 2” pom pom and glue feet to underside of pom pom.
Make a tiny hole to Dinosaur head and attach in your hoop ring.
Your Dinosaur is now ready to attach to your back pack. (Just be careful when opening your back pack.
Open your zipper by pulling the zip ring and not the Dinosaur).


For Yellow Dinosaur
Use 1- 2” pom pom, 3 – 1 “ pom poms,
1 – ½” pom poms, and 1 – ¼” pom pom.

Glue pom poms to underside of body design starting with the larger pom pom and ending with the smallest pom pom.

There you have it two dinosaur projects for your little ones.
They are just adorable and now you can make your own.

Don’t forget to print your pattern sheet below……

Download File
These dinosaurs are perfect for that special little one in your family.

Happy Creating,
Chef Ping

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