Fruit & Veggie Airplane Snacks



  • Cheese sticks
  • Crackers (I used Club crackers)
  • Cream cheese and small cheese spreader
  • Toothpicks
  • Small knife (Be careful when using)
  • Fruits and Vegetables (Be creative and use your imagination while creating your own airplane). I used: tiny pear tomatoes, small carrots, small pickle cucumbers, and seedless grapes.

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To Make an Airplane Using Cheese, Crackers, and Grapes:

Place two grapes on each end of a toothpick to create your airplane wheels. Spread a little cream cheese on top of each of your grapes.

Place a cracker on top of your grapes. Cut one grape in half and trim to make blades for your propeller. Cut another grape to create your propeller nose.

Place toothpick through your propeller blades and nose. Trim toothpick and place in the front of your cheese stick.

Carefully spread cream cheese on the center of the cracker that has the wheels attached and place a cheese stick on top of your cracker. Spread cream cheese in the top center of that cracker and place another cracker on top.

Spread a little cream cheese on top of the back end of your cheese stick and place a cracker on top.

Spread cream cheese in the center of the cracker that you placed on the back of your cheese stick.
Trim a grape to create a rudder for your plane and place it on the cream cheese.

Hope you enjoy creating your own
Fruit and Veggie Airplane Snacks!
Be Creative and Happy Snacking!

Don’t forget to be careful eating your planes.
(Make sure to remove your toothpicks before eating!)