How to Create a Summer of Fun Calendar for Kids

See the excitement on little faces when they realize how many
fun summer activities you have planned!


Capture summer memories with this easy-to-make Summer of Fun Calendar for family activities. A craft project for kids so easy even the youngest can participate.
You’ll need:

– twine or sturdy wire
– card stock (various colors)
– clothespins
– scissors
– glue
– thumb tacks or small nails
– crayons
Get the little ones involved by having them glue or tape the circles onto the clothespins.
How to make it:

1. Begin by cutting circles out of card stock. Make some circles small and some large and use several different colors of paper.

2. Use crayons to write a number on each circle, starting with today’s date and ending with the first day of school.

3. Glue these circles to the tips of the clothespins.

4. Clip the clothespins onto your wire or twine.

5. Once all of your clothespins are on the wire, trim. But leave a little extra so you can hang your calendar.

6. Wrap the ends of the wire around nails or thumb tacks pressed into the wall. (Moms and Dads: Hang the calendar low enough so that the littlest family members can see what fun is in store!)

7. As you plan your summer, add ideas to each clothespin. You can clip on movie tickets, craft project ideas, summer party invitations, or write down activities you plan to do as a family (nature walk, cartoon marathon, backyard campout) and clip those onto the clothespins as well. Every night, the family can look at the calendar and see what fun summer activities are in store for the next day.

And for days you don’t have an event planned, clip on craft ideas, games, and learning activities that can keep your little ones occupied and excited all summer long.

Bonus Idea:

When summer comes to an end, use all of the items you collected over the summer to make a collage.

Little ones will love remembering and talking about their summer vacation and you will appreciate the memories just as much!

Brittany Howard