How to Make Eating your Veggies Fun (Part Two)

We all know that our veggies come from farms.

Did you know that without crop dusters our fruits and veggies wouldn’t be as healthy and beautiful as they are?

Those fruits and veggies go through lots of growing before they make it to your plate.

Today, we remember our crop dusters and the important work they do!

It is our pleasure to share a fun way to serve those veggies to our children. Want to make eating veggies fun for your kiddos? Allowing kids to have fun with their food is one way to get started!

Add a healthy twist to the fun and any mom is going to love it!

Next time you make lunch,
use a cookie cutter in your little one’s favorite shape to
create a one-of-a-kind sandwich! Before you dig in, share the story of our food sources.

In honor of National Crop Duster Day May 27th, we have used our favorite airplane cookie cutter!


This shape is so fun that you can even sneak some farm fresh veggies in there and they will still love it!

Go to your local Farmer’s Market to get the freshest fruits and vegetables straight from the farm.


This is one veggie sandwich that my kiddos love!
Here’s how to make it:

Take a piece of whole wheat bread and spread on a bit of cream cheese.
Layer on cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and other veggies fresh from the garden. Top it off with a second piece of bread.

Once it is assembled, cut it with your favorite cookie cutter.
I used this airplane in honor of
National Crop Duster Day!

Remember that “On the Farm” art plate we created on Friday?
This is a great way to use that plate.

It’s a entire farm scene that teaches kids where their food comes from and you can use it right at the lunch table.

We are so thankful that so many fruits and vegetables grow here in the Valley.

Fresh from the farm, there is always a HUGE variety to choose from.

Thank you to all the crop dusters out there who help to keep those fruits and veggies healthy for us to eat.

We appreciate all you do so we can eat healthy!!

We hope your kids enjoy their farm fresh Soaring Veggie Airplane Sandwich!

If you’re a local, join us tomorrow night at the
River Park Farmer’s Market!
Tuesday May 27th 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Since tomorrow is National Crop Duster Day, we will have a special treat for you if you stop by!
Come meet and chat with a few local superhero crop dusters from the area! The star of Soaring, Adventures of an Aerial Applicator might even make an appearance!

Our booth is located across from Teazer’s Teahouse!
We will also have a fun Make-it-Take-it project for the kids!

We hope to see you there!!