How to Make Monster Repellent! FREE PRINTABLE!


Monster Be Gone!
DIY Monster Repellent to help your little one have a quiet night’s sleep!

Today I am happy to bring to you Monster Be Gone! A magical monster repellent that your child can spray in their room before they go to bed to keep those pesky monsters away!

Children have wondrous minds. Their imagination is going at full speed and they are more than willing to believe the impossible! Sometimes their imagination works too well! Which brings me to this project! Is your child having trouble going to sleep, or sleeping in their own bed because they are a wee bit nervous? Try this creative and simple solution!


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All you need is:

-An empty Windex bottle or squirt bottle


-Scent extract such as Orange or Mint (optional)

-The PDF label printout provided below



-Print the Monster Be Gone printable that is provided in this post. You may have to choose the shrink to fit option and you will want to change your page orientation to landscape.

-Then attach it to the bottle using glue dots or double sided tape.

-Fill the bottle with water and scent extract if you are using it.

-Start spraying!

Download Your Free Printable Below!
a BIG thank you to pumpkinsandposies.com for the adorable
little monster photoshop brushes!

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Why it Works!
Fear is a funny thing. It’s usually friends with something called the unknown. Most of the time children are scared of things like the dark or “monsters” because when it is dark and the imagination is going full force the unknown kicks in and they start creating things that aren’t there. I have found that when you create an environment where you place the child in charge of the unknown they are facing-they’re courage and proactive attitude brings light to the darkness and they are proud of their bravery!

Have them go around their room and spray Monster Be Gone. If you used a scent extract, like orange, you can say “Do you smell that? What does it smell like to you? Yes! Oranges… Monsters HATE oranges!” That way you are involving all of their senses!

Most of the time it isn’t monsters at all that they are nervous about. It is just the unknown. Help them take control of the unknown all while creating a memory that they will carry with them the rest of their life. They will remember the fun they had going around their room spraying Monster Be Gone! Maybe even watch Monsters Inc. together! That movie is brilliant! By allowing your child to spray the Monster Be Gone you are letting them experience what it is like to feel courageous, brave, strong and a problem solver! Plus, it is FUN!!!

If it isn’t monsters they are nervous about you could easily change the bottle label to “Dark Be Gone” or something like that! Or you could attach the label to a flash light…

The possibilities are endless!

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