Kreative Kids: Create Your Own Paper Bag Mailbox!



Since we are The Magical Mailbox,
what could be a better craft than to create your own Mailbox!!
All your letters that need to be mailed to the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, or even Santa on Christmas can go in your mailbox.
Just remember you MUST believe!
The supplies you’ll need to create your very own mailbox are very minimal so let’s get started!!


1. A paper bag-can be colored or printed

2. Scissors

3. Stapler

4. Markers, stickers, tags, jewels (anything you would like to decorate your mailbox with)

Next step is to open and cut the your paper bag.
For example in the picture below, I drew the dotted line to cut along.
Remember to not cut the sides, only the front and back!


Once you cut along the dotted lines you will need to staple the two sides
together at the top to create the handle.


Your paper bag mailbox is almost complete!
Just need to decorate or label them!
That’s the fun part!

Now that your mailboxes are done, write your letters.
As many and as long as you want! Put them in your box, Then wait and believe!!
Happy creating! 🙂

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Play. Create. Grow.