Kreative Kids: How to Make a Miniature Garden


Make this miniature succulent garden as a Mother’s Day gift, Easter Hostess gift, or Teacher Appreciation gift!
Its size makes it the perfect gift to sit on a dresser, table, or desk.


If you are anything like me, then you probably love miniature versions of your favorite things just as much as the regular versions. Mini doll houses, mini puppies, mini sculptures, mini cupcakes…some things are even cuter in small packages.

That is why this miniature succulent garden makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or as an end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gift. It can even be taken to your Easter celebration as an Easter hostess gift. Perhaps you have a grandmother, aunt, or cousin who loves to garden. You can give her one (or more than one) of these lovely miniature gardens.

Adorable, pretty, and just plain cute, you will find yourself wanting to find excuses to make more than a few of these.

What You’ll Need:

a tiny container (I used a teacup from my favorite antique shop, but you can use any miniature container, such as a bowl, saucer, extra-small terra cotta pot, or a dessert glass.)
cactus potting soil
mini succulents
optional: a ceramic drill bit
How to Make It:

Step 1: Grownup Help Needed
You may want to ask your mom or dad to help you with this part. If your container is really shallow, use a ceramic drill bit to create a few holes in the bottom so that extra water can drain.

You can skip this step if your container is deeper like mine and your plants are really tiny.

Step 2:
Fill the container with cactus potting soil and make a shallow hole. Shake off excess dirt from your succulent’s roots and place in the hole. (I added two plants to fill up my teacup.)

Step 3:
Pat the soil down around the base of your plants. Spritz the dirt with a bit of water. (Be careful! Don’t over-water. Just dampen your soil every few days.)


And there you have it! An easy, simple, yet oh-so-pretty Mother’s Day, Easter, or teacher appreciation gift for the garden lover in your life.
Play. Create. Grow.