Kreative Kids: Party Monsters-PART 2


presents: Party Monsters-Part 2!

Welcome Back to Kreative Kids!!!

You have the idea.
You have the supplies.
Now it’s time to get the instructions so you can make a fabulous
Party Monster
of your own!

Does your monster have 3 eyes?

5 eyes?

It’s up to you!
Now let’s begin so you can get your Monster Party started!!!!

1. Get out your markers and your printed our Party Monster Pattern. Color it in however you want! Your Party Monster is creatively yours which means unique!


2. Now cut out the large rectangle and the 2 circles. The 2 circles are jagged, but just cut in a normal circle. The jagged print is to help you later in the project.


3. Next, go around the circle and create slits. make between 5-7 slits to help the circle lay flat on the toilet paper roll. Repeat on other circle.


4. Cover one end of your roll. Use tape to attach.

5. Now it is time to add your noise making beads. You can use beans, rice, jewels, beads…anything! The possibilities are endless.


6. Now, take you other cut circle and close up the roll, to make sure nothing spills out.


7. Attach 6 glue dots to the back of your rectangle. 3 on left edge, 3 on the right. Attach one end to the toilet paper roll.


8. Roll up the paper so that the entire toilet paper roll is covered.
Final Step!
Embellish your party monster with googly eyes, pom
pons and feathers! Even use glitter to add a little glitz and glam to your Party Monster!

Now you are ready for your monster party! If you know other kreative friends, have them bring their party monster and have a Party Monster Parade!