Kreative Kids: Sweet Felt Heart Brooches (Plus a Free Printable!)


Welcome back to all our Kreative Kids friends!!
During the break we we’re still quite busy at The Magical Mailbox.
We have some new and exciting news with our Kreative Kids weekend project club!

Instead of sharing the supply list and finished project picture on Fridays,
then the project instructions on Saturday……
We NOW will be sharing both the supply list and the project instructions
all on the same day, Friday!
We feel this is great news for all of us….parents, all our creative friends and us!
This new change takes effect as of today!!
So lets get started on our first “Kreative Kids” project for 2014!!
A Valentine’s Day craft that will put love in the air!
Make these sweet Felt Heart Brooches for teachers, grandparents, or friends. So easy and fun, you’ll find ways to make these all year long!


Here is what you’ll need to get started on your Heart Brooch:
Felt (as many colors as you like)
Heart Pattern Printable found below
Large Sewing Needle
Embroidery Floss (or Thread)
Brooch Backs (or Safety Pins)
Hot Glue (or Craft Glue)
Embellishments (Buttons, Sequins, Beads, Jewels, Rhinestones)
Step 1: First you’ll need to print out the Heart Pattern Printable, found at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Once you have the pattern, cut out the hearts to use as your templates.

Step 3: Use a fabric pencil to trace the patterns onto your felt. (Another trick is to pin together the felt and the pattern and cut around the pattern.)

Step 4: Use scissors to cut out as many hearts as you like. (Make several of each size so you have lots of choices!)

Step 5: Once you have all of your heart pieces, lay them out a few different ways. Stack different sized hearts on top of each other. Play around with different colors and layouts. Try out a few embellishments. There are so many ideas!

Step 6: When you have decided on a design, add a little vintage charm with a few stitches on your pieces of felt. You can use a piece of embroidery thread to stitch around the edges of your hearts, stitch in an XOXO, or just have fun making a few designs on your felt.

Step 7: Once all of your stitching is complete, add a safety pin or a brooch clasp to the back of your bottom heart. Position it a little above center so that it will hang well when pinned on. You can use hot glue or use a needle and thread to sew in the clasp. (You’ll want to do this step before assembly, so that your stitches do not show through your layers of felt later on.)

Step 8: Now! You are ready to assemble. Use hot glue or craft glue to hold your shapes together. (Make sure you use a heart to cover up the thread from your brooch clasp.)

Step 9: Finally, add a few embellishments to give your brooch some flair. (I used buttons, but you can use jewels, rhinestones, even glitter.)

Download File

Your Felt Heart Brooch is ready to make someone special smile on Valentine’s Day!
A sweet gift that will remind them of how much you love them all year long.
Who will you make one for this year?
Happy Valentine’s Day!